System Overview

NEXT Stage ER is a system specialized for emergency departments of large hospitals in the emergency center class.The system simultaneously realizes efficient ①recording of patient information, ② Information sharing among staff, and ③ data accumulation for research in busy clinical settings. Various options such as medical interview, triage, doctor car application, PACS image linkage, linkage with emergency team, medical interview, triage, doctor car application, and transfer support will cover all the functions required in a large hospital emergency room.

Post-introduction operation image

All the Information input by physicians and nurses, as well as Information sharing among staff and various paperwork, will be centralized on NEXT Stage ER.The text data is copied and pasted into the electronic medical record as the final legally required medical record. The only information obtained from the electronic medical record is receptionist's information and basic patient information, and the system can be introduced regardless of the existing electronic medical record manufacturer.

Current information management operations:

  • The electronic medical record, which is not suitable for sharing information in the emergency department, is somehow used for sharing business information.

  • A separate database must be manually constructed for research purposes.

Information management operations when using NEXT Stage ER:

  • SOAP information input by physicians and nurses is centralized in the NEXT Stage ER.

  • Sharing of operational information, ledger creation, and accumulation of research data are performed in NEXT Stage ER.

  • Can be implemented regardless of the electronic medical record manufacturer.

About basic functions

Patient List Screen

Record Screen

Improved efficiency of data analysis for research

Effects of Introduction

According to the questionnaire survey published in the Journal of the Japanese Association for Emergency Medicine this has been evaluated as improving the efficiency of data analysis as well as medical charting and other operations.

Source: Japanese Journal of Emergency Medicine 2018 Tomohiro Sonoo et al.
'Development and Evaluation of an Electronic System for Standardized Coding of Emergency Department Data to Both Improve Operational Efficiency and Simplify Data Collection'

Crowd Option Functions

NSER mobile

Calls from emergency services requesting to receive a patient can be recorded on the dashboard of an Internet-connected hospital terminal via a smartphone capable of voice input. This makes it possible to accept emergency transport requests more smoothly and to post emergency team information to medical records. This smartphone application uses voice command input and image analysis functions to provide near hands-free, real-time information description. This can be used as a recording tool for inputting information for emergency medical teams, doctor cars and helicopters, as well as for sudden changes in the hospital and ward rounds.

NSER mobile

Self Assessment System

This system allows patients to enter their medical conditions and other information using their own smartphones or tablets prior to an emergency room visit or in the waiting room of an outpatient clinic.

Self Assessment System

Voice input: Automated medical and nursing record creation

NSER mobile implements a hands-free voice command input function.Vital signs, which normally require about 10 clicks, can be recorded with only two clicks of voice input, and ambulance calls can be received, recorded prior to acceptance, and all relevant personnel notified simultaneously without leaving the duty room.

Secure cloud operations in compliance with security guidelines

NSER mobile runs on the cloud platform "Microsoft Azure" and establishes a secure network connection from the hospital electronic medical record terminal. This operation complies with security guidelines for medical information systems in the cloud.

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