Self Assessment System

System Outline

This is a Self Assessment System patients can input data such as their own symptoms before visiting emergency outpatient units or in anteroom, with their own smartphones or tablets.

Details of the system

EN SelfAssessment 1

◆ Shorten outpatients’ waiting time
With patients’ data input before visiting or in anteroom, using smartphones or tablets, internal assessment time will be shortened, and which leads to lessen the burden of nurses as well as shortening patients’ waiting time.

◆ Customized medical interview items
Medical interview items can be added and the wording can be edited according to the hospital's needs.(there are some limitations).With the benefit of this feature, patient service level will improve as the hospital’s specific assessment system.

◆ Importation to electric medical chart
The results of assessments can be exported to QR codes and the data can be imported to NEXT Stage ER on the electric medical chart by using QR code reader.It is an extremely secure and cost effective linking up method, because no network is necessary to execute this linkage. In addition, by importing assessment information into the electronic medical chart, physicians can save time when entering medical records.

*Self Assessment System for COVID-19*
An extension of the system is ready for potential patients of COVID-19. The system enables them to do assessments from separate rooms, with completely no physical contact. This system can help to prevent COVID-19 infection spread and save individual protective gears.

EN SelfAssessment 2

Installaton Flow


Please contact from our website. Our personnel will contact you.


System Explanatory Meeting

We will offer the best-suited plan matching your operations through explanations of NEXT Stage ER and system demonstration.


Order / Development / Installation

Possible to deliver the system including development for linking up to medical record linkage, within 2 to 3 months after your order placement.


Start Using the Service

Even after installation, we will keep supporting with multiple visits, explanatory sessions and responses to requests, to establish desired level of operation. Also concerning requests even after installation, we will deal with those for free, by having meetings with emergency physicians and nurses.


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