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Challenges they are facing

Many emergency teams’ operations depend heavily on telephone calls, paper documents and manual inputs. While there is significant room for shortening time and optimization, existing emergency operations systems are not the tools to solve this situation.

System Outline

Digitize analog recordkeeping and communication to reduce the time required for emergency transport and paperwork. Even more optimizations can be realized by adapting specific requirements of local governments.

Technologies supporting optimization of ambulance transport.

Input support with voice/image analysis has actualized rapid recording of patients’ information in the medical front where ‘hands-free’ is preferable. The time for telephone communication can be significantly shortened by real time information sharing with hospitals.

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Basic Functions

AI input support functions

In doctor car, ambulance, emergency room or in case of sudden change in hospital, information input is required when hands are occupied with a procedure or in a noisy environment. Functions such as automatic log-in, voice command input and image analysis are mounted on this product, they enable medical professions to care patients and record events simultaneously, even under such critical clinical situations.

*Automatic log-in function:
A function that logs in securely and promptly, via authentification function of business-use smartphone.
*Voice command input function:
Specially designed voice command function is mounted on this system. The function allocates each data into voice-designated field thanks to our text conversion technology. The technology offers automatical conversion from wrong-conversions to appropriate expressions, backed up by overfitting of wrong conversions generated through voice input, occasion by occasion.(partially patent pending).
*image analysis function:
The mounted AI automatically analyzes numerical information in pictures of electrocardiogram or blood pressure monitor taken by emergency teams. (partially patent pending)

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Adaptation to specific requirements of local governments.

This system can be customized to adapt specific requirements of local governments, including stroke scale used as part of information of sick and wounded person or assessment items concerning COVID-19.

Documentation work load reduction

Work loads such as registering in OA system or communication with hospitals regarding catamnestic follow-up will be reduced.

Benefits for hospitals

Prompt information sharing with hospitals with Emergency Team Application

Clinical & photographic information are shared with hospitals, and such information can be off-line linked to electric medical chart via QR code.

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Introduction benefits of Emergency Team Application

Input support with voice/image analysis has actualized rapid recording of patients’ information in the medical front where ‘hands-free’ is preferable.
The time required for information transmission at the time of the call can be significantly shortened by real time information sharing from the team to hospital.

Case Study of Kamakura City, Japan

The average telephone communication time of Emergency Treatment Control Department, Shonan Kamakura General Hospital, has reduced significantly from 3min.30s. to 2min.44s. In addition, achievement ratio for target time, within 2m.30s., doubled from 26% to 54%.

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Questionnaire to emergency team

According to the questionnaire to emergency teams after one month of system introduction, they gave generally favorable answers for familiarity, operativity and effectivity. Especially for image OCR function, almost all users favored its effectivity.

Result of questionnaire to Emergency Crews of Kamakura City, conducted in October, 2021 (ages of the respondents:20-60)

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