TXP Medical has not only a product R&D department, but also an academic research department, TXP Research.

Based on the desire to “contribute to emergency medicine and making technical/medical innovation,” students and doctors from all over the country gather to conduct clinical research and contribute academically through conference presentations and research paper publications.

In addition, we aim to implement and validate the research findings. Our goal is to improve medical care by delivering our findings to clinic.

TXP Research’s mission


Contribute to the academic community by building a system and research environment where high quality data can be collected through our systems and clinical research can be conducted continuously.


Not only publishing academic research, we also aim to evaluate the impact of our findings through social implementation with our systems.


Build an academic network by learning epidemiology, statistics, and artificial intelligence (e.g., machine/deep learning and natural language processing) and building a global team.

TXP Research was launched in 2020 and now has a team of over 25 members (including 18 physicians). TXP research team consists of experts in epidemiology, mathematical statistics, and machine learning as well as key opinion leaders with diverse experience in multicenter collaborative studies, randomized controlled trials, and big data analysis with foreign research groups. This strong team makes it possible to work on variety of academic researches that can be only archived by TXP Medical.
We also provide learning opportunities and not only analyze databases, but also support product development, multicenter observational studies, randomized controlled trials, and other activities to implement the findings to society.

Team Leader


Tadahiro Goto

Goto Tadahiro

After graduating from the University of Fukui Faculty of Medicine, he trained in the Emergency Department of the University of Fukui Hospital. He worked as a core member of the Emergency Medicine Alliance and the Japanese Emergency Medicine Network. After obtaining board-certified emergency medicine physician, he entered the master's program at Harvard School of Public Health and simultaneously engaged as Research Fellow at the Emergency Department, Massachusetts General Hospital for three years. After returning to Japan, he worked as a researcher at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Health Economics, School of Public Health, The University of Tokyo. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of TXP Medical.
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Core Members


Konan Hara

Hara Konan

Konan Hara is a MD and a PhD in Public Health and is currently an Economics PhD student at the University of Arizona. He received a BA, a MD, and a PhD in Public Health from the University of Tokyo. He trained at the University of Tokyo Hospital Internship program. Prior to starting the Economics PhD program, he was a project researcher at the Graduate School of Economics and Department of Public Health at the University of Tokyo.