Contribute to medicine and making technical/medical innovation.

TXP Medical has not only a product R&D department, but also an academic research department, TXP Research.

Based on the desire to “contribute to emergency medicine and making technical/medical innovation,” students and doctors from all over the country gather to conduct clinical research and contribute academically through conference presentations and research paper publications.

In addition, we aim to implement and validate the research findings. Our goal is to improve medical care by delivering our findings to clinic.

TXP Research’s mission


Contribute to the academic community by building a system and research environment where high quality data can be collected through our systems and clinical research can be conducted continuously.


Not only publishing academic research, we also aim to evaluate the impact of our findings through social implementation with our systems.


Build an academic network by learning epidemiology, statistics, and artificial intelligence (e.g., machine/deep learning and natural language processing) and building a global team.

TXP Research was launched in 2020 and now has a team of over 25 members (including 18 physicians). TXP research team consists of experts in epidemiology, mathematical statistics, and machine learning as well as key opinion leaders with diverse experience in multicenter collaborative studies, randomized controlled trials, and big data analysis with foreign research groups. This strong team makes it possible to work on variety of academic researches that can be only archived by TXP Medical.
We also provide learning opportunities and not only analyze databases, but also support product development, multicenter observational studies, randomized controlled trials, and other activities to implement the findings to society.

Team Leader


GOTO Tadahiro

GOTO Tadahiro

After graduating from the University of Fukui Faculty of Medicine, he trained in the Emergency Department of the University of Fukui Hospital. He worked as a core member of the Emergency Medicine Alliance and the Japanese Emergency Medicine Network. After obtaining board-certified emergency medicine physician, he entered the master's program at Harvard School of Public Health and simultaneously engaged as Research Fellow at the Emergency Department, Massachusetts General Hospital for three years. After returning to Japan, he worked as a researcher at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Health Economics, School of Public Health, The University of Tokyo. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of TXP Medical.
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Research Supervisor


HARA Konan

HARA Konan

Konan Hara is a MD and a PhD in Public Health and is currently an Economics PhD student at the University of Arizona. He received a BA, a MD, and a PhD in Public Health from the University of Tokyo. He trained at the University of Tokyo Hospital Internship program. Prior to starting the Economics PhD program, he was a project researcher at the Graduate School of Economics and Department of Public Health at the University of Tokyo.


RAITA Yoshihiko

RAITA Yoshihiko

After graduating from Kanazawa University  Faculty of Medicine, he completed an internal medicine residency program at Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Hospital and worked at Okinawa Prefectural Miyako Hospital for two years as a general internal medicine physician. Subsequently, he started a nephrology fellowship program at Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Hospital. In 2018, he graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health (MPH degree) and then he was enrolled in the Master of  Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation at Harvard Medical School (MMSc degree). During the Master program at Harvard Medical School, he concurrently worked as a research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital. After coming back to Japan in 2021, he started to work at the Department of Nephrology at Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Hospital as an attending physician. He also has been affiliated with TXP Medical Research and has been involved with innovative research with domestic and international collaborators.





After graduating from Department of Health Sciences and Nursing (currently Integrated Health Sciences), Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo in 2009, he completed a master's program in School of Public Health at the Graduate School of Medicine in 2011. He started academic career as an assistant professor at Department of Biostatistics, Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo from 2012. He has been affiliated with Department of Information and Computer Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science from 2019. His specialties lie in biostatistics and statistical causal inference.

Collaborators (some, including outside)



After graduating from Kumamoto University, I am currently an emergency medicine physician at Shonan Kamakura General Hospital. At TXP Medical, I am involved in clinical research, working with experienced mentors and young researchers. Our team uses real-world data to create informative research papers that will help advance the field of emergency medicine. As we explore new developments in this area, I am excited about the many opportunities ahead. I aim to contribute to developing emergency medical care in Japan and worldwide.



After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Nagasaki University in 2022, he is currently in his second year of postgraduate training as a junior resident at Nagasaki University Hospital. In addition to his residency, he is engaged in clinical research in the field of anesthesia and critical care at the graduate school level. His primary role at TXP Medical involves data analysis.

KASUGAI Daisuke(MD, PhD)


2015 Graduated from Nagoya University Faculty of Medicine. After initial training at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, currently engaged in clinical research primarily focused on intensive care at Nagoya University Hospital's Emergency Department. Specialized in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine. At the university, advancing translational research targeting organ dysfunctions in critically ill patients. Collaborating with TXP Research to leverage unique data sources and methodologies from TXP Medical, aiming to further expand the scope of research topics.

Interns (some of the members)

OGURA Kentaro

OGURA Kentaro

Graduated from Tokyo University Faculty of Medicine, Medical Science. Engaged in practical web development using Python for approximately one year, obtaining the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification. Founded a startup in the field of web media during the second year of undergraduate studies, subsequently transferring all shares to an unlisted company. Currently involved in machine learning for classification, as well as analysis of electrocardiograms and monitor waveforms. Authored one lead clinical research paper and co-authored seven publications.



1. AMED FY2021 "Project for Strengthening Advanced R&D and Development Systems for Medical Devices (Fundamental Technology Development Project)": Development of a medical device system to prevent serious illness by seamlessly sharing information from pre-hospital to hospital and between multiple facilities through the application of an emergency telemedicine system (Principal Investigator: Shigeki Fujitani, St. Marianna Medical University; Research Sub-Principal: Tadahiro Goto, TXP Medical Inc. (Principal investigator: Shigeki Fujitani, St. Marianna Medical University; Research subcontractor: Tadahiro Goto, TXP Medical Corporation; maximum 76,000,000 yen per project)

2. National Institute of Biomedical Innovation (NIBIO): Strategic Innovation Program (SIP): AI Hospital Project (Principal Investigator: Tomohiro Sonoo) (FY 2018-2022)

RESEARCH ARTICLES (as TXP Research / Collaboration)

1. Sato M, Goto T. Dose reduction of olaparib in older patients: Insights from an analysis of a National Database in Japan. J Obstet Gynaecol Res. 2023 Dec;49(12):2889-2893.

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People's Award (most voted)
Team Leader: GOTO Tadahiro
"Development and Validation of a Bedside-Available Machine Learning Model to Predict Discrepancies between SaO2 and SpO2"
TMDU-NUS-MIT 3rd Critical Care Datathon

Team Leader: Osawa Itsuki
"Heterogeneity in Treatment Effects of Lower Mechanical Power"
European Society of Intensive Care Medicine datathon


1st prize
Team Leader: GOTO Tadahiro
"Optimal hemodynamic management for preventing dialysis-requiring acute kidney injury in patients with sepsis using deep reinforcement learning"
European Society of Intensive Care Medicine datathon


Best Presentation Award in Datathon
Team Leader: GOTO Tadahiro
"Heterogeneity in treatment effects of hydrocortisone for sepsis to explore potential targets"
Healthcare AI EXPO 2021


Outstanding Performance Award in Datathon
Team Leader: GOTO Tadahiro
"The Contribution of Chest X-Ray to Predict Extubation Failure in Mechanically Ventilated Patients Using Machine Learning-Based Algorithms"
Healthcare AI EXPO 2020



1. American College of Emergency Physician Scientific Assembly

  • Fujimori R et al. Acceptance and barriers of AI-based decision support systems in emergency departments: a quantitative and qualitative evaluation

  • Okuma A et al. Association between comorbid mental illness and preceding emergency department visits in unplanned admissions

  • Shibata J et al. Risk factors of sepsis among patients with qSOFA<2 in the emergency department

  • Ishizawa R et al. Characteristics of femoral fractures and accompanied fall-related injuries

  • Fukaguchi et al. The diagnostic accuracy of costovertebral angle tenderness in the emergency department

2. Society for Critical Care Medicine Annual Meeting

  • Fukuchi K, et al. Optimal Sedation Strategy for Ventilated Patients with Sepsis Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Kamijo Y, et al. Predicting Extubation Failure Using Actual Body Weight-Adjusted Rapid Shallow Breathing Index

  • Yamada K, et al. Factors Differentiating Sepsis from Heatstroke in Patients with Suspected Heatstroke

  • Osawa I, et al. Machine Learning-Based Estimation of Potential Targets of Polymyxin-B Hemoperfusion Use for Sepsis

  • Shibata J, et al. Optimal Timing of Early Mobilization for ICU Patients with Sepsis: An IPW-Estimated Analysis

3. European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Annual Meeting

  • (International Sepsis Forum Award) Osawa I, et al. Targeted Antithrombin Use for Sepsis with Coagulopathy: A Machine Learning-Based Approach to Estimate Heterogeneous Treatment Effects

4. Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Emergency Medicine

  • (Educational Lecture) Goto Tadahiro, "Integration of Clinical Research and AI, and Toward its Application

  • (Best Presentation Award) Ayaka Saito et al. "Usefulness of prehospital and emergency department qSOFA in predicting sepsis

  • Shibata, J. et al. "Association of Vital Sign Types and Prognosis of Patients with Sepsis at the Time of Emergency Department Visit.

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  • Kentaro Ogura et al. "Prediction of Prognosis Using Monitored ECG Waveforms Early after ICU Admission in Patients with Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest.

  • Ryo Ishizawa et al. "A Study of Trauma Complicated by Femur Fracture Caused by Falling."


1. Machine Learning for Healthcare

  • Hara K, Yoshihara R, Sonoo T, Shirakawa T, Goto T, Nakamura K. Development of phenotype algorithms for common acute conditions using SHapley Additive exPlanation values.

2. The Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine

  • (Symposium) Tadahiro Goto, "Clinical research in ICU using machine learning and its prospects

  • (Workshop) Liu, Keibun "ABCDEF bundle implementation rate and nutritional therapy in patients with novel coronavirus infection: an academic-led prospective international comparative study

3. Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Emergency Medicine

  • Symposium 1

  • Excellent Abstract Session 1 

  • Oral, Poster, and 5 student session abstracts