Key Features

  • User-friendly interface from both clinical and research perspectives with thorough review by physicians.

  • Compliant with the national guidelines of information security in hospital information systems.

  • Can be input from smartphones and tablets

  • Customizable user interface design

  • Other helpful features (Visit date reminder, reference information display, input rules, etc.)


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Function

By incorporating an AI-OCR optimized for medical devices (mechanical ventilators, hemodialysis, vital sign monitors, etc.), data can be extracted to EDC simply by taking a picture with a smartphone.


Case : CRISIS (CRoss ICU Searchable Information System)

  • Visualizes the status of severely ill COVID-19 patients nationwide in real-time.

  • Operated by ECMO net*, a Japanese working group for COVID-19 countermeasure.


*Japan COVID-19 ECMO net (Representative: Dr. Susuhiro Takeda) is a joint project of the Japanese Society of Emergency Medicine, the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine, and the Japanese Society of Respiratory Therapy.

NEXT Stage EDC Orders Received

NEXT Stage EDC is commissioned by various academic societies and medical institutions. (Introduce some of them)

Intensive Care
Joint project for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) : Asia-Pacific Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (APELSO)

A collaboration between Asia-Pacific Extracorporeal Life Support Organization and TXP Medical! TXP Medical trials a case registration system for patients with severe respiratory failure using its OCR technology.

Comparison of the efficacy of levetiracetam and fosphenytoin for severe epilepsy: a multicenter prospective RCT (Representative institution: University of Tsukuba Hospital)

Emergency and Intensive care
A multicenter prospective RCT on the target of ICU temperature control therapy for PCAS (post-cardiopulmonary resuscitation syndrome) (15 centers, representative institution: Okayama University Hospital)

Intensive Care
International prospective study with Bach Mai Hospital and 108 Central Hospital , Vietnam

Tackling to Reduce the Incidence of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Vietnam with an ICU System Made in Japan

Development of smartphone application for ICU VAP information input and provision of information sharing tool

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