TXP Medical to Support RWD Study Conducted by Bayer

TXP Medical Co. Ltd (CEO: Tomohiro Sonoo, hereinafter "TXP Medical") has initiated to support Real World Data (RWD) study (hereafter "the study") conducted by Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd. (CEO: Ying Chen, "Bayer ") to investigate the patient background and actual drug use.

 The study aims to explore patient journeys and identify improvements in clinical outcomes in serious diseases by utilizing RWD based on the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The RWD used in this study is standardized and structured clinical data provided by TXP Medical's system. TXP Medical and Bayer will contribute through the study to the improvement of clinical outcomes for patients in Japan by clarifying the current status of treatment of target diseases. 

[Details of Research Support]
RWD obtained through TXP Medical’s system installed in the hospitals for the period 2018-2023 will be used in the study. Disease incidence in eligible patients, patient characteristics, treatment patterns, and clinical outcomes will be analyzed. TXP Medical will analyze standardized and structured data, including examination results and various scores. The medical doctors in TXP Medical will review the whole process.

[Features of TXP Medical's RWD Service]
TXP Medical's RWD service provides consistent support from the proposal of the study design to the preparation of the statistical analysis plan, data provision, and analysis. The statistics required for the study are collected and analyzed in detail under the supervision of TXP Medical's medical doctors, including diagnosis name, date of onset, treatment pattern, and laboratory values.

 [About TXP Medical]
TXP Medical provides the “NEXT Stage” series to university hospitals, core hospitals, and ambulance services nationwide, which is a medical front desk system for emergencies to digitize and streamline their processes. TXP Medical also offers services to the hospitals to establish and analyze medical data for clinical research purposes. This service supports integrating and utilizing a wide range of information including laboratory data, medical record text, and DPC data.