The National Cancer Center Japan and TXP Medical have signed a collaborative research agreement on developing a nursing operation support system.


TXP Medical Co. Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as TXP), a company driving the healthcare data platform business, has entered into a collaborative research agreement with the National Cancer Center Japan, a national research and development agency (Chairman: Hitoshi Nakagama), regarding the digital transformation of nursing practices. We will develop a nursing operation support system with the National Cancer Center Hospital East.

Bedside tasks by nurses are still managed depending on a paper-based and verbal way. They could bring the risks of misinterpretation, oversight of clinical information, and other issues to carry out bedside tasks smoothly. Digital transformation in those settings should be well designed with a good understanding of the operation in nursing, especially for institutions requiring highly specialized and complex nursing tasks, such as the National Cancer Center Japan.
In this joint research, we can leverage TXP's expertise and know-how such as timely text message application, self-assessment system by patients, and medical management information systems. From this collaboration, we are aiming to support safe medical service provision for patients and ensure a secure execution of nursing duties in the National Cancer Center Hospital East.