The Ministry of Health from Indonesia visited TXP Medical’s office

Dr. Iin Dewi Astuty (Head of Other Referral Healthcare Division) and the members of the Ministry of Health from Indonesia (hereinafter “MOH”) visited TXP Medical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “TXP Medical”) on February 22, 2023. This visit provided an opportunity to show the digitalized operation of emergency medicine in Japan. We strongly believe that this opportunity will support improving the operation process of Indonesia in both pre-hospital and in-hospital settings.

TXP Medical started projects in Indonesia about strengthening prehospital emergency care using TXP Medical’s solutions, the NEXT Stage Prehospital System. We have been running this project since July 2022. This project was also selected for the "Healthcare Industry International Expansion Promotion Project FY2022" supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI).


This system is expected to streamline the operation on pre-hospital care achieving high-quality data collection, which will clarify the mortality rate and quality of pre-hospital care in Indonesia. The situation in pre-hospital settings in there still has lots of unclarity. Also, by creating a system that smoothly directs patients to the appropriate hospital in accordance with their condition and severity, the mortality rate in the entire region will be going down, which will lead to an improvement of the quality of the entire medical system in Indonesia.

During their visit, we discussed our project's progress and the general situation on emergency medicine in Indonesia. The MOH members gave us some valuable advice based on their deep understanding of the situation and political policies. Having this fruitful meeting, we will keep discussing how to contribute to a better emergency medicine system in Indonesia

Members of Ministry of Health Indonesia and Partner

1. Dr. Iin Dewi Astuty, MKK - Head of Other Referral Healthcare Division, MoH
2. Dr. Yayan Gusman, AAAK - Staff of Other Referral Healthcare Division, MoH
3. Dr. Kenedi Sembiring, M.Kes - Staff of Other Referral Healthcare Division, MoH
4. Andri Yana - Manager Operasional 119
5. Donny Sulistrian - VP Operasional 119
6. Fika Fariyandi - VP Sales Infomedia (Telkom Group)
7. Yusron Hariyadi - Director of Marketing dan Sales Infomedia (Telkom Group)